Living by Faith in God– Gen.16






Dealing with Negative - Youth Context.pdf

Do we prepare for Eternity (Garo Article) Do we prepare for Eternity.pdf











Sunday Message of 26th July 2020 - "Living by Faith in God"Isolo Beberachi janggi tangani.pdf

Sunday Message of May 3rd,2020 - "Do we prepared for Eternity?"Do we prepare for Eternity.pdf

Christian Respond to Covid-19 in GaroCovid-19 Rev.P.M.Sangma.pdf

Nogorpara Baptist Media Church, Sermon Hard copy of Rev.P.M.Sangma, Pastor on March 29th, 2020 at 11 A.M. "Message of Hope"message of Hope.pdf 

Angelica Hale Christmas 2017 Photos with sister Abigail Family & Friends - sings Holy Night

Angelica Hale Little Star

Nick Vujicic speaks to 830,000,000 people now

John Harper - The True Hero of the Titanic -

Abigail (Garo Version)

ABIGAIL pdf.pdf


Ruth (Garo)

Ruth pdf.pdf

Story of Ruth - Movie HD

Naaman and the Servant Girl - The Salvation Poem